It Pays to Have a Port

The Port of Lewiston was formed in 1958 by the voters of Nez Perce County. In accordance with Idaho Code 70-1101, the Port oversees harbor operations, terminal facilities, international trade, and industrial and economic development.

Working in cooperation with the Nez Perce County, the City of Lewiston, and Valley Vision, a primary objective of the Port is to encourage economic growth to make the valley a competitive force in the regional marketplace. By doing so, we work together to improve employment opportunities and the standard of living within our community.

Port of Lewiston Vessel Schedule

**Last Receiving**

11/03/14Seaspan NingboPort of Lewiston
11/03/14Hanjin GenevaPort of Lewiston
11/03/14Westwood ColumbiaPort of Lewiston
11/10/14HS ColonPort of Lewiston
11/10/14Hanjin AmsterdamPort of Lewiston
11/17/14Rio De Janeiro ExpressPort of Lewiston
11/17/14Hanjin BrusselsPort of Lewiston
11/24/14Santa RafaelaPort of Lewiston
11/24/14Hanjin GothenburgPort of Lewiston
12/01/14Cap JacksonPort of Lewiston
12/01/14Hanjin OttawaPort of Lewiston
12/01/14Westwood RainierPort of Lewiston

    Effective Oct 22, 2014
    Yard: 7am - 4:30pm (M-F)
    Office: 8am-4pm (M-F)

    Wed, Nov 12, 2014
    Port Administration Building
    7:00 AM
    Regular Monthly meeting of the Commission

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